A private registered nurse will consult with employees on site, providing Wellness & Chronic Disease monitoring and management, which benefits all employees:
  • Who are a comprehensive or savings option with their medical aid
  • Who have hospital plans only
  • We have no medical aid at all
This confidential Wellness & Chronic Disease Management service includes but is not limited to:
  • Wellness Screening tests including Blood Pressure monitoring, Glucose monitoring, Cholesterol monitoring
  • Health Education
  • Voluntary HIV counselling & testing
  • Pregnancy Management
Other available complimentary services which can be included are:
  • A primary health care clinic with medication issued [company to apply for the dispensing license]
  • Sick leave management
Our Wellness services include:
  • Health Education Talks tailored to the company needs
  • Wellness screening tests, including Blood Pressure monitoring, Glucose monitoring, Cholesterol monitoring
  • HIV/AIDS services
  • Flu vaccinations
Our onsite services work well for companies as there is no need for the employee to leave the company premises. We set up in an area provided by the company and work around the company needs.
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During the COVID Pandemic we are able to assist and advise companies with:
  • Follow up on screening exceptions as escalated
  • Contact tracing of positive cases
  • Case management of Persons of Interest [POI’s], Persons under Investigation [PUI’s] and positive cases, including return to work, notifications and COID submissions if required
  • Debriefing of teams
  • Communication with Line Managers
  • General admin duties: stocking and ordering of medical supplies, daily update of case registers
  • Promote and maintain all COVID-19 Protocols